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My name is Emma Niderno, but I go by Emma Goes.

I'm a Connecticut native - born in the United States - but I consider myself a citizen of Earth. I live full-time in a 1997 Ford Econoline van that I rebuilt into a home on wheels! Ever since I was little I've always had the desire to roam free; I firmly believe life is far too short to stay in one place.

 In January of 2020, after returning from a month in Bali, I quit my 9-5 and set off across the country in search of unforgettable landscapes, kind-hearted people, and unique experiences. Life on the road has exceeded even my wildest expectations. I've been able to wake up to truly breathtaking views and explore some of America's best kept secrets.

So, naturally, I break out my camera!

I was drawn to visual arts because I've always seen the world differently - some would even say with rose colored glasses, but I don't see anything wrong with that! 


To me, getting behind a camera is more than just capturing memories; it allows you to take a moment, a feeling, an energy, and immortalize it. That's my goal whenever I snap a photo or press record. There are stories to be told and I'm constantly on the lookout for the next one. 

That being said, it's important for me to not just "do it for the gram." I'm all about living in the moment and experiencing things fully. That's why my client photoshoots are fun and immersive!

We're basically hanging out, playing like little kids, and creating dynamic adventure content that you'll want to share with everyone you know.

I aim to create an effortlessly cool vibe with my photography. Whether I'm working one-on-one, filming a video, or shooting for a brand, my goal is to capture the adventure lifestyle and everything that comes with it.

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